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Jean Quan gets a lesson in vilification

Friday, October 28, 2011

imageOakland has rapidly become Occupy Wall Street’s national hotspot, and in a perverse way protesters there have Mayor Jean Quan’s ham-fisted police response to thank. After being chased out with tear gas the day before, they were back camping by the dozens at Frank Ogawa Plaza last night. A contrite Quan, who issued a written statement filled with “requests” for the campers, was heckled off the stage after trying to speak with them and beat a hasty retreat inside City Hall. The Bay Citizen’s Shoshana Walter says the lights were on in the mayor’s office until at least 11:30.

Add: It must be excruciating for the liberal Quan to be cast as Attila the Hun, but the pushback against the police fiasco directed mostly toward her is merciless. There’s a recall petition circulating against her. She’s the butt of jokes by Jon Stewart, Current TV pundit Keith Olbermann lambasts her, and has unleashed a punishing video against her.

Noted: And today, Michael Moore arrives at the plaza.
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