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Morning Wrap: 10/3/11

Monday, October 3, 2011

BART’s Linton Johnson extends his leave, three killed outside East Bay warehouse party, George Gascon falls behind in the money race, bad news about the disease killing Bay Area oak trees, and more inside.

Top of the morning’s news
  • Three people were shot and killed after at least two gunman opened fire on people leaving an unlicensed warehouse party in San Leandro early Sunday. Chronicle
  • Linton Johnson, the much-criticized BART spokesman who has been on leave for more than a month, apparently won’t return to his job until at least mid-October, the Contra Costa Times says.
  • KFTY Channel 50 in Santa Rosa switched to Spanish-language programming. SF Peninsula Press Club
  • Gary E. Knell, who has led the non-profit Sesame Workshop for 11 years, will become chief executive of NPR in December, it was announced Sunday. Media Decoder
  • Former longtime Bay Area activist and ex-White House advisor Van Jones says progressives will launch an “October offensive” aimed at rivaling the Tea Party movement. HuffPo Politics
  • Incumbent appointed district attorney George Gascon may be considered the favorite in the San Francisco DA’s race, but so far he’s losing the fundraising competition to Alameda County prosecutor Sharmin Bock. City Insider
  • Five Bay Area House members are among 20 House Democrats who want the Judicial Conference of the United States to conduct an ethics probe of Supreme Court Justice Clarence Thomas for his alleged failure to abide by financial disclosure requirements. Political Blotter
Notable Quote

"If only that same energetic bipartisan spirit could be applied to creating clean energy jobs and ending tax laws that send jobs out of state.”
-- Gov. Jerry Brown’s somewhat catty statement, upon signing a bill that allows dead mountain lions to be stuffed and displayed in museums as long as they were not illegally killed.

Other news
  • A months-long study of the deadly pathogen known as sudden oak death shows oak trees in the Bay Area and other parts of Northern California are dying at a rate more alarming than previously believed. Chronicle
  • Gov. Brown signed a bill that prevents local governments from banning male circumcision. AP
  • In a Bay Area first, an Oakland police officer who shot and killed a crime suspect in East Oakland Sept. 25 videotaped it with a city-issued camera strapped to his chest. Chronicle
  • With overtime, 10 San Francisco nurses made more than $250,000 last year and four of them made more than $300,000. Chronicle
  • Tim Kawakami’s take on the Raiders’ loss to the Patriots: QB Jason Campbell wasn’t up to the challenge. Mercury News
  • The 49ers play just well enough against the Eagles to win two in a row east of the Mississippi. AP
  • How a now-imprisoned Walnut Creek con artist netted $2 million and brought a family to ruin before getting caught. Contra Costa Times

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