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Observations of a departed BANG executive

Monday, October 24, 2011

imageBay Area News Group’s chief revenue officer Jeff DeBalko shoved off after just four months on the job and has posted observations to his personal blog that should get plenty of attention at the House that Dean Singleton Built, aka parent MediaNews Group. One anecdote that stands out, in view of the mushrooming cookie-cutter approach of the BANG newspapers, comes from DeBalko’s mother. She told him she was canceling her newspaper (“one of ours”) because there wasn’t enough in it that’s local anymore. Some excerpts:

    • “In my 100 days in local media, I have yet to have someone convey what they believe this business will look like in 12, 24 or 36 months.  How will it fundamentally change?  What is the plan?  How will you leverage your unique strengths and minimize your inherent weaknesses?  How will you stay one step ahead of the market, your competitors, your customers?  Strategy is not a math exercise.  Hope is not a strategy.”
    • “Employees want basically 5 things from management: 1) To be treated with respect.  2) The truth, even if it is difficult. 3) To have a plan and articulate it clearly 4) Passion for what you are doing.  I’ll following you anywhere but show me that you care.  5) Accountability.”
    • “When things go right, all credit to the employees, when things go wrong, it’s on you.  Not hard stuff and something that any true leader ought to be able to deliver on.  You can’t transform a company if you don’t leave your office.  You shouldn’t have to introduce yourself at all-employee meetings.”

[Hat tip: SF Peninsula Press Club]

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