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BANG hands out 25 editorial pink slips; 9 more leave voluntarily

Wednesday, November 2, 2011

The lay-off casualty count at Bay Area News Group as the result of the latest downsizing imagestands at 25, not counting nine others who took a voluntary separation package prior to Tuesday’s deadline. Among notable voluntary departures: veteran Oakland Tribune columnist Dave Newhouse, 73, a fixture at the paper (minus a couple of years at the CoCo Times) for 47 years. Word is he has written a farewell column that’s to run soon.

Add: Among the lay-off victims, one that raised eyebrows among staffers was Jonathan Okanes, the Cal sports beat writer attached to the Contra Costa Times.

Here’s a list of BANG people who got pink slips, in alphabetical order. The sharp-eyed among you take note: BANG sources say yesterday’s layoff number was 25, in which case two are unaccounted for here:

Karim Amara, Dave Boitano, Patrick Brown, Dorothy Burdine, Barry Caine, Chris Campos, Laura Casey, Dean Coppola, Andrea Daum, James Gayles, Anthony Gonzalez, Emmanuel Lopez, Eric Louis, Shelly Meron, Jennifer Modenessi, David Morrill, Tony Nguyen, Jonathan Okanes, Rick Radin, Nicholas Roth, Jack Rux, Vicki Walker, Steve Waterhouse.

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