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Bevan Dufty doesn’t like poll; slams TBC as ‘insert newspaper’ to NYT

Wednesday, November 2, 2011

imageSupervisor Bevan Dufty didn’t like the results of a poll by The Bay Citizen that didn’t show him among the top tier of candidates in next week’s mayoral election, and in a Q&A in the San Francisco Sentinel, he’s directing some of his ire at the source.

Add: Referring to the non-profit news website as “an insert newspaper for the New York Times,” he says “I definitely feel The Bay Citizen has marginalized me….” Of the poll, he adds:

An initiative like that is about marginalizing me. It’s about telling people that I can’t win. That’s not the feel I have. I hear a lot of rumblings that there are other polls out which show me moving. I’m out in the community and across the City. I find that people are very motivated to want to support me.

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