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Ed Lee celebrates like a winner, despite uncertainty

Wednesday, November 9, 2011

imageThere was lots of political prancing at the Palace Hotel last night, with Mayor Ed Lee all but declaring himself the winner despite getting less than a third of the vote in the mayor’s race. Chronicle columnist Willie Brown and MC Hammer helped stoke the faithful in time for the late-night newscasts. But as The Bay Citizen’s Gerry Shih suggests, before the Lee folks celebrate too much, they might pause to reflect on (would-be) mayor Don Perata of Oakland. He, too, had a commanding, if unspectacular lead after the first round of ranked choice balloting last year. And as we know, he got knocked out by Jean Quan in Round 10.

Add: The Elections Department says it will likely be at least 4 this afternoon before it can determine who’s leading in the race.

Image: ABC 7
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