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At the Examiner there’s a new sheriff in town

Thursday, December 1, 2011

imageBillionaire Philip Anschutz pretty much left the Examiner the way he found it—neglected. And, as of today, it’s officially someone else’s turn at the free tabloid. New publisher-president-co-owner Todd Vogt is introduced in a typically bite-sized Examiner piece in which he’s quoted more dissing the Chronicle than talking up his paper.

“San Francisco is a vibrant and thought-leading city. While the other newspaper in The City says it is local, it long ago stopped reporting on issues that truly matter to this dynamic community. Its lackluster approach to local news only highlights the bold approach The SF Examiner takes in selecting and presenting stories that speak to San Franciscans.”

Noted: Here’s hoping he at least ditches the Ex’s convention of referring to the city as The City.

Image: Mike Koozmin/ San Francisco Examiner

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