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Gavin and Jennifer go to Washington

Thursday, December 1, 2011

imageA dual purpose trip for Gavin Newsom, it seems. He went to D.C. ostensibly to push his economic development agenda as lieutenant governor. But it’s Jennifer Siebel Newsom who gets chops from the Washington Post’s The Reliable Source column. The couple is pictured with Motion Picture Association of America president (and ex-U.S. senator) Chris Dodd. An excerpt:

Jennifer Siebel Newsom came to D.C. along with her husband, the lieutenant governor of California, to show off her directing debut. “Miss Representation” paints a dire portrait of how coarse media imagery demeans women and holds them back.


Her husband was less than encouraging when she started the project (“while breast-feeding a new baby, with a bunch of laptops on the kitchen table,” he recalled). “I said, ‘You’re wasting your time!’” As “a guy who thought I was pretty evolved,” Newsom argued that her premise was null, that women were achieving great things in society. Then he saw the movie. “She shattered all the myths.”

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