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Will Barry Bonds go to jail? He’ll know tomorrow

Thursday, December 15, 2011

imageBarry Bonds goes before federal Judge Susan Illston tomorrow to be sentenced for obstructing justice and there are those who believe the former Giants home run-king-with-an-asterisk may face jail time. “You are talking about someone intentionally throwing a monkey wrench into the gears of the criminal justice system,” Golden Gate University law school professor Peter Keane tells Lance Williams of California Watch. Williams, of course, covered the BALCO scandal for the Chronicle, and in a sense it’s as if he never left since his CW pieces continue to populate the Chronicle.

Noted: The Bonds pre-sentencing story (this one written by the Mercury News’ Howard Mintz) is page 1, top right in today’s Contra Costa Times. That’s quite a placement for something that hasn’t even happened yet.

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