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Luckoff gives up on a new radio home for fired KGO staffers

Sunday, January 8, 2012

imageJust how moribund is Bay Area talk radio? After the recent bloodletting at KGO-AM, followed by the ushering in of the usual crop of right-wing chest pounders, former president and GM Mickey Luckoff has thrown in the towel trying to find a new radio home for the ousted old KGO crew. It’s quite a surrender letter he sent to those working with him on the effort. You can read it at the San Francisco Peninsula Press Club blog. A couple of excerpts:

I have exhausted every conceivable opportunity to package and relocate our incredible newstalk team in its entirety. Much to my dismay there is not a single facility with a market wide signal available to purchase, lease (LMA) or to be made available by one of the multiple owners to adopt the format at this time.


…it ultimately is the total lack of courage and imagination among current day owners and operators which prevents us from returning as a (profitable) format which would also have dominated Bay Area newstalk audiences for the foreseeable future.

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