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Mother Teresa and the (Bay Area) pedophile priest

Wednesday, January 11, 2012

imageAmong the friends of former Bay Area priest and convicted child molester Donald McGuire, who taught at USF for awhile, was the late Mother Teresa, who’s currently on a fast-track to sainthood at the Vatican. McGuire, who’s now 81, is serving 25 years in federal prison. It turns out that the Nobel Peace Prize winner may have known about his propensity for bedding down little boys. SF Weekly’s Peter Jamison has a cover story today about a letter purportedly written by Mother Teresa to McGuire’s Jesuit handlers in 1994, while he was undergoing psychiatric evaluation after being suspected of molesting a Walnut Creek boy. It urged that he be restored to priestly duties.

Add: Other documents Jameson writes about are a blow to the late Rev. John Hardon (but not pronounced Hard On). He was a protégé of Mother Teresa and close confidante of Pope Benedict XVI. He’s also been mentioned for sainthood. An excerpt:

The documents reveal McGuire admitted to Hardon that he was taking showers with the teenage boy from Walnut Creek whose complaint led to McGuire's psychiatric treatment. He also acknowledged soliciting body massages from the boy and letting him read pornography in the room they shared on trips together.

Despite these admissions, Hardon concluded that his fellow Jesuit's actions were "objectively defensible," albeit "highly imprudent," and told McGuire's bosses that he "should be prudently allowed to engage in priestly ministry."

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