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Occupy Oakland’s colossal weekend turn-off

Monday, January 30, 2012

imageThat’s quite an image of Mayor Jean Quan giving a tour to reporters yesterday of a ransacked City Hall after Saturday’s hooliganism that characterized the latest Occupy Oakland protest. The more than 400 arrested included a good number of repeat offenders. The weekly Occupy scenesters may have reached a tipping point in whatever interest they have in rallying popular opinion in Oakland. Or maybe the better term is dipping point.

Add: While Oakland’s already stretched-thin police were being deployed downtown to protect the historic Henry J. Kaiser Convention Center and other properties, regular criminals were having a field day. The Oakland Trib’s clean-up piece, pardon the pun, says the cops had to ignore immediate responses to 1,700 service calls, 480 of them 911 calls.

Image: Karl Mondon/ Oakland Tribune

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