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WSJ writes up con artist who helped bust Google’s illicit sales scheme

Wednesday, January 25, 2012

imageRemember last August when Google agreed to fork over $500 million in penalties to the feds to settle claims it aided and abetted illicit pharmaceutical sales over the Internet? The Wall Street Journal has an extensive (pay-walled) piece on the convicted con artist the feds used to gather evidence against Google ad sales execs. And, among other things, what the feds learned didn’t reflect well on Google co-founder and CEO Larry Page (pictured). An excerpt:

Mr. Page, now Google’s chief executive, knew about the illicit conduct, said [Peter] Neronha, the U. S. attorney for Rhode Island who led the multiagency federal ask force that conducted the sting. “We simply know from the documents we received and witnesses we interviewed that Larry Page knew what was going on.”

Image: MSNBC

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