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Dave Chappelle does another marathon Oakland drop-in

Monday, February 6, 2012

imageAnother of Dave Chappelle’s late-notice, much-in-demand standup appearances at a Bay Area club, this one at Yoshi’s in Oakland. It happened last week. Here’s an excerpt from attendee Barbara Graber, posted at Mission Mission:

Beginning in the earliest hours of Tuesday morning, Dave Chappelle performed an all night, 4 1/2 hour set of stand up routine, improv (once asking the audience for movies that’ve touched us in some meaningful way. He had funny, irreverent jokes for every movie mentioned, ending with a soundtrack for Precious, as if it were sung by a Country artist), piano playing (a little Moonlight Sonata), and a profound look at a keenly intelligent man at work.


Dave smoked about 500 cigarettes, drank 2 cups of coffee, didn’t have a sip of water, and talked all night long!

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