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Dept. of Duh: Warriors’ Riley admits whiffing on Jeremy Lin

Wednesday, February 15, 2012

imageThe first mea culpa from a member of the Warrior brass today for frittering away NBA sensation Jeremy Lin. The Merc’s Marcus Thompson II gets it out of GM Larry Riley. It may be sincere, but it begs the question of how it could have happened. That one’s hard to explain outside the context of managerial incompetence.

Add: Riley talks about how the team cut Lin while trying to clear salary space for DeAndre Jordan, who said no thanks, I’m a Clipper. But the numbers hardly make sense, considering that the team spewed its “amnesty” provision to whittle Charlie (drunk-at-my-own-DUI-hearing) Bell’s $4-million-a-year salary space, instead of lopping off the $6 million it pays annually to the unproductive Andris Biedrins.

Noted: The good news (assuming it proves to be true): Jerry West is reportedly stepping up his involvement in helping run the franchise.
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