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Judge rules video of Mirkarimi’s bruised wife is admissible

Monday, February 27, 2012

imageThe judge in Sheriff Ross Mirkarimi’s domestic violence case says the video showing the sheriff’s crying, bruised wife taken by a neighbor 20 hours after the New Year’s Eve incident that got Mirkarimi in trouble will be allowed at his trial. That’s bad news for the sheriff, whose lawyer fought to keep the video—and stills like the one above, made from it and released Friday by the DA’s office—out of the trial.

Add: The sheriff’s lawyer had argued that Mirkarimi’s wife, Eliana Lopez, had made the tape with neighbor Ivory Madison not as a crime victim, but as someone recording evidence for a possible child custody case in the event she and Mirkarimi split up. Here’s the key quote from Superior Court Judge Garrett Wong, as reported by the Chronicle’s  Jaxon Van Derbeken:
"The evidence shows this is a woman who is still crying and visibly upset the following day. She is distraught and tearful - no questions were asked by Ms. Madison to prompt her to make self-serving statements."

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