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Kobe Bryant on the Warriors whiffing on Jeremy Lin

Sunday, February 26, 2012

imageThe Lakers superstar, in Orlando for NBA All-Star weekend, tells the LA Times that the emergence of Jeremy Lin shouldn’t have surprised anyone and took an indirect jab at Warriors management: “The biggest thing to me is how everybody missed that. They would all be fired if I was owning a team.”

Add: The Chronicle’s Scott Ostler, meanwhile, recalls how the front office thought Joe Lacob was na├»ve for favoring Lin—they even nicknamed him “Joe’s Baby”—even though in the end the Warriors co-owner oversaw jettisoning Lin for rookie Charles Jenkins:
Now, Lacob simmers daily, tortured by Linsanity. But at least he has a ton more street cred.
I wanted to run this scenario past Lacob, but apparently I’m on his no-call list.
Image: Jeremy Lin as a Warrior last year; what might have been.
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