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Public radio show retracts Occupy Oakland protester's phony commentary

Thursday, February 2, 2012

imageAmerican Public Media’s radio program “Marketplace,” hosted by Kai Ryssdal, aired one of its “My Life is True” commentaries the other day by an Occupy Oakland protester who said he was an Army sniper in Iraq and once pitched for a Chicago Cubs minor league team. Yesterday Ryssdal aired this retraction:
Editors Note: A commentary by Leo Webb, “Returning veteran has few marketable skills,” prompted questions from listeners about Webb’s account of his service as an Army sniper in Iraq. A subsequent investigation found that the Army has no record of Webb. Webb also said he pitched for a Chicago Cubs minor-league team. Inquiries to the Cubs and to Minor League Baseball found no record of Webb. Marketplace has an obligation to provide accurate information. That was not met in this commentary. It has been retracted and the text and audio have been removed from the web site.
Noted: Isn’t the idea to vet these people before putting them on air?
[Hat tip: Romenesko]
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