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Berkeley scientist behind leaked climate documents

Tuesday, February 21, 2012

imagePeter Gleick, a widely-recognized water expert and co-founder of the Oakland-based Pacific Institute, has acknowledged that he leaked documents from the libertarian Heartland Institute, a Chicago think tank, after obtaining them under false pretenses. And today comes word of perhaps the first repercussion: His plans to join the board of the Oakland-based National Center for Science Education have been derailed. The Mercury News says Gleick offered to withdraw from the board and “his offer was accepted.” NCSE executive director Eugenie Scott is quoted as saying:
“His abilities have not been challenged, but he has admitted to an ethical lapse. We will be seeking a board member of comparable status."
Add: The documents Gleick obtained and leaked anonymously to bloggers who published them helped shed light on how groups opposed to reducing greenhouse gas emissions have gone about attacking climate change science. A 2003 MacArthur genius award winner, Gleick stunned the scientific community when he announced his role in the leaks via his blog on Huffington Post. His commentary has also appeared on SFGate as part of its “City Brights” family of blogger contributors.
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