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Romenesko stirs the pot at Patch; the ‘Dear Patch’ letter

Friday, February 10, 2012

Media blogger Jim Romenesko, who stirred things up at Patch, AOL/Huffington Post’s hyperlocal imageempire, writes a “Dear Patch” letter to remind them that he was in “hyperlocal” long before anyone called it that. And to defend the “Patch insider” who dished on the company a day earlier. He concludes this way:

So, Patch people, I believe in hyperlocal, too — as does my source for yesterday’s story that you’re all attacking. I know that editor-in-chief Brian Farnham sent out an email last night calling this person “a gutless asshole.” I disagree with that assessment; I think the source is merely a concerned employee. So how about knocking off the “witch hunt” that I hear is going on?

Latest: A company communications boss has since ordered Patchers not to leak stuff to Romenesko. And, of course, someone promptly gave him her memo.

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