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Salesforce pulls the plug on its grand Mission Bay plans

Tuesday, February 28, 2012

imageTalk about double-whammies, at the same time the city’s once-grand vision for the America’s Cup appears to be unraveling: has made a U-turn on its much-ballyhooed plan for a new 14-acre Mission Bay campus, saying it’ll focus instead on expanding into existing buildings downtown.

Add: The news comes as a stunner, including, apparently, at the mayor’s office. San Francisco Business Times says that up until just a few days ago the company was working with contractors and had reiterated its commitment to Mission Bay. Its plans (that’s an artist’s rendering, above) were to come before the Planning Commission Thursday. Now, poof. An excerpt:

"We just took a look at our long term and really our short term needs. The reality is we are going to need the square-footage before we can build it," said Bruce Francis, Salesforce vice president of corporate strategy. "We came to the conclusion this is the way to go."

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