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SFBT: How storm clouds gathered over the Bay Citizen

Tuesday, February 7, 2012

imageIt’s San Francisco Business Times’ turn to write about what looks and feels like the end for the embattled Bay Citizen, deep into merger talks with Berkeley’s Center for Investigative Reporting. (That’s long-gone founding editor Jonathan Weber and just-departed former CEO Lisa Frazier, in better times.) Here’s an excerpt from Chris Rauber’s piece:

Things got off to an odd start, with the young enterprise and would-be partner KQED breaking things off very quickly in early 2010. And the Bay Citizen undermined much of its initial credibility by hiring a CEO with no direct journalistic experience or aptitude, Lisa Frazier, and an out-of-town editor, Jonathan Weber, both at exorbitant and -- many thought -- scandalous salaries, especially for a tiny and quite experimental nonprofit with a lot to prove and not much to show for itself.

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