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‘Dr. Phil,’ CBS’ ‘48 Hours,’ pump the ‘Mommy P. I.’ story

Friday, February 17, 2012

“Mommy P.I.” private investigator Chris Butler of Concord and some his former cop buddies in a now-defunct Contra Costa narcotics team are awaiting trial on assorted gun, prostitution and racketeering charges. But CBS News’ “48 Hours Mystery” isn’t waiting for its pound of ratings flesh. It’ll air its version of the “Mommy P.I.” yarn—the news of which was first broken by Walnut Creek’s Diablo Magazine—tomorrow night. And in a nifty bit of cross-promotion, “Dr. Phil,” which is syndicated by CBS Distribution, jumps in today with a show devoted to the would-be reality TV private eye and the former cops. That’s the joint promo, above.

Noted: You may recall that former chief narcotics cop and Butler pal Norman Wielsch, who is free on bail awaiting trial, had wanted to travel to Los Angeles to be at the "Dr. Phil" taping. A judge said no way.
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