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UCSF won’t deny kidney transplant after all

Friday, February 10, 2012

imageAfter stumbling headlong into immigration politics by placing an Oakland man who is an illegal immigrant on the “inactive” list for a kidney transplant, UCSF Medical Center now says it will work with Jesus Navarro, 35, to help him get the transplant after all. UCSF also disavows that his immigration status was ever the issue, even though he was removed from the list after informing hospital officials of it. Rather—and this won’t make folks weary of skyrocketing medical costs feel warm and fuzzy—his removal was out of concern that he wouldn’t be able to pay for post-operative medication. Chronicle; Contra Costa Times

Add: Navarro has insurance, but lost his job and pays $1,100 a month for COBRA coverage, which only lasts for 18 months. There’s more about Navarro at the web page a friend and advocate set up for him.

Image: Jose Navarro and 3-year-old daughter Jaquelin/ Contra Costa Times
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