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Chronicle asks, ‘Where’s Nadia Lockyer?’

Wednesday, March 14, 2012

imageThe answer isn’t as obvious as it may seem. Most everyone knows that the Alameda County supervisor and wife of state Treasurer Bill Lockyer has been in drug rehab since mid-February. That’s after becoming embroiled in a sex scandal complete with alleged sex tape and after allegedly being beaten up by her former lover in a Newark hotel room. (Nobody’s been charged.) But it turns out she’s been AWOL a long time before then.

Add: The Chron’s Carolyn Jones says records show she hasn’t attended a regular supervisors meeting since November, 2011. And she’s missed a whopping 43 percent of them since she took office 15 months ago, after winning election with the help of nearly $2 million from her husband’s campaign war chest.

Classic quote from fellow supervisor Nate Miley, who seems to want taxpayers to know that the remaining supes are doing their business: “We haven’t missed a beat.”

More: Lockyer is not on medical leave and is still collecting her $143,000 annual salary.
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