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CSN’s game broadcast turns into infomercial for Warriors brass

Thursday, March 15, 2012

imageNo one’s likely to know how the Warriors’ trading away Monta Ellis and Epke Udoh will turn out until next season, when we’re expected to see the first of Andrew Bogut. So far, the trade is being widely ripped by Warriors fans and cheered in Milwaukee.

Add: Which gets to last night’s weird CSN Bay Area broadcast of the Warriors’ loss to the Celtics. The folks at Comcast let it deteriorate into a pro-trade conversation (pre-game, during game, and post-game) with zero counterbalance. Result: painfully long spells of microphone time for Joe Lacob, Jerry West and Larry Riley to tee off on puffball conversation starters.

Noted: The game’s 105-103 outcome felt almost accidentally close, since it’s pretty obvious that the brass has decided, despite declarations to the contrary, that they’ll write off the season in hopes of faring better in the draft. Exhibit A: the sudden abundance of caution in benching Stephen Curry, with not-so-subtle hints that he could even stay out the rest of the way to let him “heal.” Most fans know what that’ll guarantee. Maybe before it’s over we’ll see $10 ticket specials.
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