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Did woman-wooing con artist Simon Gann come back for an encore?

Wednesday, March 14, 2012

imageThe sweet-talking con man is out of prison after swooning and then swindling a Menlo Park woman he met in a coffee shop out of $1,900 in 2010. And police in Menlo Park are looking for him in the Bay Area after getting calls from around the country suggesting he may have violated parole.

Add: Gann has a long rap sheet. He got in trouble on the Peninsula while pretending to be a math savant and MIT graduate named “Saleem Dutante” who could count cards “like Rainman,” the Almanac says.

More: He was sentenced to 16 months but got extra time tacked on after threatening in letters from jail to reveal the woman’s sexual history if she testified against him. That didn’t work. His convicted con artist twin brother, Jordan Gann, is serving time in Florida.
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