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Jerry Brown re-creates some ‘70s frugality magic

Thursday, March 1, 2012

imageFor those old enough to recall the frugal Jerry Brown of the 1975-1983 epoch, his trip to DC for the National Governors Conference tugs at some familiar memories. The LA Times’ Anthony York says the governor flew Southwest and eschewed a $350-a-night Marriott Hotel room to stay at the home of a former aide. And while other states’ chief executives were arriving with kingly contingents, Brown showed up with only his wife, two aides and a CHP officer. An excerpt:

Still, one aide to a prominent East Coast governor gushed as the minimalist entourage passed by, Brown remains "kind of a rock star."


On Sunday, after debating Arizona Gov. Jan Brewer on "Meet the Press" and before a black-tie dinner at the White House, he found time to meet with Republican pollster Frank Luntz.
"He asked to meet with me," Brown said. "He plays for the other team, but … we like to know the signals. When they call audibles, we want to know what they are."

Add: Above, that’s Brown in 1982 at a Sacramento TV station, via the LA Times.

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