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Morning Wrap: 3/19/12

Monday, March 19, 2012

News and notes:
  • Bay Area rainfall was up to about 50 percent of normal by the weekend. Chronicle
  • A Hawaii Airlines flight from Oakland returned to the Bay Area and made an unscheduled landing at SFO after one of its engines failed en route to Hawaii Sunday morning. Contra Costa Times 
  • San Jose State is getting ready to end guaranteed admission to all qualified high school graduates from Santa Clara County by 2013. Mercury News
  • Public radio’s “This American Life” retracted its Jan. 6 episode on Apple sweatshops in China during a weekend episode devoted to the fiasco.
  • Testy backdrop in advance of Wednesday’s showdown by three politically-connected bidders competing to run Oakland’s coliseum for the joint city/county coliseum authority. Oakland Tribune
  • San Francisco Bay Area Press Photographers Association’s 38th Annual New Photography and News Video Competition’s Winners

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