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Nadia Lockyer soap opera: the latest weird twist

Saturday, March 31, 2012

imageThe Mercury News and its affiliated editions have in today’s newspaper photos of a bruised Nadia Lockyer—supplied, extraordinarily, by the troubled Alameda County supervisor herself—that purport to show bodily harm she incurred from alleged ex-lover Stephen Chikhani on Feb. 3, when she says he beat her up in a Newark hotel room. (Chikhani’s lawyer says the bruises weren’t caused by her client.)

imageFor the uninitiated, the wife of state Treasurer Bill Lockyer met Chikhani in drug rehab in 2010. She just returned to work last week after going into rehab a second time after her sex scandal became public in February. Chikhani, who’s been arrested for meth possession and other offenses over the years, hasn’t been charged with any crime related to Lockyer.

Add: Josh Richman and Julia Prodis Sulek wrote the piece. It’s remarkable, inasmuch as it is based on a series of “emotionally charged” emails from Nadia Lockyer during the week and up to Friday. You can read the story for yourself. But a warning: It’s fairly sad, because as you’ll see, Nadia Lockyer’s taking shots in the newspaper at the “other man” in her extramarital affair comes across as either a horribly misguided attempt at damage control or a cry for help, or maybe both. (On top of everything else, we’re now told that she suffers from post traumatic stress disorder.)

As an example, consider this revelation: Hayward police were called to the Lockyer home last August to break up a domestic dispute in which the police report listed Bill as the “suspect” and Nadia as the “victim.” An excerpt:
An officer who arrived shortly after midnight on Aug. 17 at the Lockyers' home "made contact with Bill Lockyer," the report says. But police redacted the next 11 lines of the report before providing it to this newspaper. "After talking with both Bill and Nadia, they both agreed to stay in separate areas of the house for the night and to talk things over in the morning," the report concludes. The case was cleared. Bill Lockyer "did not at the time know that Nadia was in a relationship with Chikhani, he also didn't know that she had visited him in jail," the treasurer's spokesman Tom Dresslar said Friday. "They had an argument that night, and there was absolutely no physical contact involved."
Noted: As for the 11 lines the cops blacked out from the police report? Patience, folks.
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