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Pols who’ve fallen: Where are they now?

Monday, March 19, 2012

imageFun where-are-they-now piece by the Oakland Tribune’s Josh Richman over the weekend looking at disgraced politicians from the Bay Area (and beyond) and what they’re up to. That’s in the context of the current three-ring circus of local pols starring (in no particular order) shoplifting Assemblywoman Mary Hayashi, wife-abusing Sheriff Ross Mirkarimi and sex scandal-laden Alameda County Supervisor Nadia Lockyer.

imageAdd: Among others, we learn that former state insurance commissioner and one-time rising GOP star Chuck Quakenbush is still a sheriff’s deputy in Florida and thinks he got a raw deal. Ex-San Francisco Supervisor Ed Jew lives in Taft, near Bakersfield, at the federal prison there, and is due for release in 2014. As for former Secretary of State and one-time San Francisco favorite son Kevin Shelley, he’s practicing law in town as a civil litigator. He didn’t return Richman’s phone calls.


Images: (top) Kevin Shelley; (middle) Ed Jew; (bottom) Chuck Quackenbush with Newt Gingrich

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