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Press caper: Berkeley launches outside probe of police chief

Friday, March 16, 2012

imageIf Berkeley Police Chief Michael Meehan thought saying he was sorry about ordering a cop to a reporter’s house to demand changes to a newspaper story would be enough, he’d better think again. After pressure by Berkeley’s police union, the city today announced it has hired a law firm to investigate the chief’s decision, the Chronicle says. The union asserts that the chief should be subject to the same kind of scrutiny as rank-and-file cops.

Add: Here’s an excerpt from a fiery letter interim City Manager Christine Daniel received from Rocky Lucia, an attorney for the Berkeley Police Association, leading up to today’s announcement:
"It is appalling that the city of Berkeley has seen fit to simply allow this incident to slide into a media graveyard without further examination or review. Based on the reported comments by city officials, it is abundantly clear that the chief's mea culpa has afforded him a 'free pass.' "

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