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Stanford guest prof: university basher Peter Thiel

Tuesday, March 13, 2012

imageIf you’re a Stanford student trying to get into “Computer Science 183: Startup” this spring, forget it. It’s oversubscribed, and there’s a wait list for the 250 slots. The instructor: PayPal co-founder, early Facebook investor and university-basher Peter Thiel, 44, who has famously dismissed college as a waste of time and money and has even offered a select group of would-be students $100,000 apiece to skip school and go to work on startups.

Add: Thiel, by the way, has a bachelor’s degree in philosophy and a law degree from Stanford. Gerry Shih of Reuters (his new employer after having left The Bay Citizen) says there are differences among faculty as to whether Thiel’s appointment is a good idea.

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