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Warriors deal Stephen Jackson for Jefferson, draft pick

Thursday, March 15, 2012

imageSo no need for Captain Jack to unpack. The Warriors traded him to San Antonio today for veteran small forward Richard Jefferson and—this is the important part—a conditional first round pick in this year’s draft. Although the condition isn’t known, the Mercury News’ Marcus Thompson II cites a team source as saying there’s a “90 percent chance” the W’s will get the pick.

Add: If so, that means the Warriors wouldn’t have to lose tons of remaining games to ensure a first round pick. Through a previous trade, the Warriors’ own first-round pick now belongs to Utah, and the only way they could keep it is if they wound up with a sorry enough record to get one of the top seven picks.

More: The Warriors also bought a second-round 2012 pick from Atlanta today—the lower of either the Hawks’ pick or the Suns’ pick, which Atlanta owns.
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