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Warriors say so long to Ellis, Udoh; hello to Andrew Bogut, ‘Captain Jack’

Tuesday, March 13, 2012

imageSo the next time someone from the Warriors calls your house to shill tickets, ask for the Monta Ellis Bucks Package. Just don’t ask them to explain it. Let’s see, the Warriors give up their best player plus Epke Udoh, the guy they picked first in the draft last year instead of Greg Monroe, and in exchange they get a) a walking injury in center Andrew Bogut, who may not suit up at all the rest of the year and b) Warrior re-tread and career head case Stephen Jackson?

Add: That’s either a typical Golden State trade egg or a cute way of making sure the Dubs finish in the bottom seven and protect their No. 1 draft pick. Or both.

Early takes: Bruce Jenkins; Tim Kawakami; Monte Poole.

And then: The Warriors go out and beat Sacramento 115-89. Might want to savor that one.
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