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Bay Citizen’s relationship with NYT to end*

Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Now that it’s been gobbled up by the Center for Investigative Reporting, The Bay Citizen’s imagerole as a supplier of content for the New York Times’ local pages is ending. That’s according to a tweet from executive managing editor Jeanne Carstensen, who says the last day of the NYT’s Bay Area pages via TBC will be April 29.

Add: The move isn’t a surprise inasmuch as CIR announced that The Bay Citizen will move away from breaking news once the merger is complete. From the looks of it, it already has. Much of TBC’s news content is via Bay City News Service. Other stuff is starting to look stale during the transition. TBC’s home page still features a Scott James column from March 22.

[Update] CIR executive director Robert Rosenthal confirms the news. Here's an excerpt from a quote at Poynter: "We want the opportunity to have multiple media partners in the Bay Area and not be in an exclusive relationship with, really, anyone . . . . Our focus is a unique niche: accountability and investigative reporting. We’re not a ‘news organization’ putting out a lot of content every day.”
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