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Chron columnist’s open letter to George Lucas

Thursday, April 12, 2012

Chronicle columnist Andrew S. Ross turns civic booster in an open letter to George Lucas image(pictured), now that neighbors in Marin’s Lucas Valley have spurned the Star Wars director’s efforts to build a digital film-TV production facility at the old Grady Ranch. Lucasfilm earlier churned out a snippy press release announcing it’s giving up after years of pushing the project. Among other things, it says it hopes to sell the property to a developer who’ll use it for “low income housing.” Here’s a snippet from the Ross column:

San Francisco may not be quite as bucolic as Marin Country, but it has some pretty nice views. There's Mission Bay, for example, with 14 acres, much of it overlooking the bay, which owner has decided not to use.

Or, Pier 70, with 30 acres of prime bayfront land, ideal for a movie studio. You might want to get in touch with Orton Development on this one . . .

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