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Ex-TBC boss: Producing NYT content ‘sucked air out of room’

Thursday, April 12, 2012

imageFormer Bay Citizen interim editor-in-chief Steve Fainaru tells Lauren Smiley at San Francisco magazine that while he liked the higher profile TBC enjoyed as a content provider for the New York Times, he understands why the new bosses at the Center for Investigative Reporting decided to end the arrangement. Churning out eight stories per week for the NYT had its downside, he says. An excerpt:
“Often, meeting the requirements to fill those Times pages was sucking most of the air out of the room,” Fainaru says. He wanted to push snappier writing in place of the staid prose of the Gray Lady. And he was frustrated that no matter how good the scoop, it would still be relegated to the Times’ back pages. “We were putting our best stuff in the Times, and it was kind of demoralizing to pick up the paper and find it on page 37A behind the obituaries.”

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