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Feds raid Oaksterdam, founder Richard Lee’s home

Tuesday, April 3, 2012

imageThe federal government’s crackdown on California marijuana dispensaries landed at the big kahuna in Oakland yesterday—the pot cultivation school downtown known as Oaksterdam University. Drug Enforcement Agency personnel and U. S. Marshals raided the school at 1600 Broadway and three of its ancillary sites. Oaksterdam founder and medical marijuana luminary Richard Lee’s home was also raided. He was temporarily detained but not arrested. Oakland Tribune; Chronicle

Add: It was a surreal scene as word spread of the raid and, by noon, about 100 protesters turned up in the street. Two protesters were arrested. As is their custom, the feds weren’t giving details about the Oaksterdam raid, but one bystander told the Oakland Tribune that they had taken the school’s materials and killed plants growing inside.
Image: LegalizatoinNtn via Twitter
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