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Mark Davis says Oakland his ‘first choice’ for Raiders’ future

Monday, April 23, 2012

imageThe new Raiders boss says he isn’t courting Los Angeles and that Oakland is his “first choice” as the team’s future home if—and of course this is the big if—a new stadium can be built. His second choice: the Camp Parks site half-a-mile north of the Dublin-Pleasanton BART station in Dublin. He tells the Oakland Trib’s Monte Poole that he’s open to moving the team to LA or anywhere else that offers what the Raiders need most: a new stadium.

Add: Of low-key talks with Oakland leaders about the team’s future, he says: “They brought in the right people this time and those people said the right things. There's a vision. It's a positive step. We'll meet again soon to see if we can actually get something done."

Also: He affirmed what’s widely assumed: that there isn’t much chance of the Raiders and 49ers sharing the Niners’ future Santa Clara stadium.
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