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More pundits say it’s time for Nadia Lockyer to resign

Sunday, April 15, 2012

imageNadia Lockyer’s ongoing troubles appear to have tipped from the realm of scandal to tragedy, with more editorial voices suggesting that the Alameda County supervisor resign and seek professional help. That’s after a week in which Lockyer sent what appeared to be a suicidal email to Mercury News reporter Julia Prodis Sulek, then disavowed it, claiming her email account had been hacked by the man with whom she’s acknowledged having an extramarital affair. The Mercury News’ Daniel Borenstein is the latest to say she needs to resign. An excerpt:
This erratic, paranoid, histrionic and suicidal behavior shouldn't surprise anyone who has dealt with addicts. It's sad. She's a troubled person. One can't help feeling sorry for her. Clearly, she should be back in rehab, not overseeing a $2.5 billion county budget. Clearly, this is not the person voters thought they were electing. Indeed, most really didn't know much about her.
Add: After Lockyer’s addiction and sex scandal erupted six weeks ago, East Bay Express co-editor Robert Gammon wrote that she deserved time to get well. He now also says the time has come for her to go.
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