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‘My dear Ross’: Eliana Lopez’s letter from Venezuela*

Friday, April 6, 2012

imageIt’s in the form of a Chronicle op-ed and the actress and wife of Sheriff Ross Mirkarimi says her weeks back in her home country have given her quite a bit to reflect on. Among other things, she likens Mayor Ed Lee’s suspending her husband from office after the resolution of domestic violence charges against him as a coup d’etat, and tears into neighbor Ivory Madison and her husband, Abraham Mertens, as betraying her and lying to cover themselves, something they’ve denied.

But the grabber is reserved for the end, when she writes directly to her husband through the newspaper, noting that they’re barred by court order from communicating directly:
Finally, my dear Ross, they do not let us talk but you can read here from me that I love you. You won the election because the people know your hard work; nobody can erase that. Be strong, my dear, knowing that my heart is next to you and you are Theo's everything. I am committed to you, our marriage and our fight for justice and democracy.
[Update]: His eyes welling with tears, Ross Mirkarimi tells reporters at the Hall of Justice this morning that he views his wife's op-ed piece as "the best love letter I've received in 13 weeks," referring to the forced separation from his family.
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