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Nadia Lockyer caper gets weirder after email sent to reporter

Thursday, April 12, 2012

imageYet another strange turn in the saga of Alameda County supervisor Nadia Lockyer, just out of drug rehab but still reeling from a sex scandal involving her extramarital affair with a man she claims beat her up in February. She’s been emailing a Mercury News reporter for the last couple of weeks, and yesterday the reporter received an email that sounded like it could be a suicide note. “I simply can’t bear this any longer. Goodbye to everyone,” it said. The newspaper called Hayward police, who found Lockyer safe at home.

Add: A short time later, the reporter also showed up at the Lockyer house in the Hayward hills. Speaking through a partially open door, the supervisor said that she had not sent the email. She claims that her email account was hacked and blames ex-lover Steven Chikhani. (No charges have been filed against him in connection with the Feb. 3 incident at a Newark hotel when Lockyer claims she was assaulted, by the way). Chikhani’s lawyer says no way; that her client is back in drug rehab and barely has access to a computer.

More: Among other things, the email asserted that Lockyer’s husband, state Treasurer Bill Lockyer, gave her drugs. Bill Lockyer is reportedly out of town. His chief spokesman calls the notion that he supplied his wife with drugs “bunk.” No mention of who the reporter is with whom Lockyer has been communicating, but the Merc piece is by Julia Prodis Sulek and Josh Richman. Here’s an excerpt:

The email that arrived from Nadia Lockyer's Rocketmail account Wednesday linked her husband for the first time to her addiction: "Bill bought and gave me drugs years before meeting Steve, then called me crazy when I sought help, thus, I had to take matters into my own hands and was set up by Steve.''


The stunning new email, which arrived Wednesday afternoon, was part of an email string that spanned two weeks between Lockyer and a Mercury News reporter, who had been offering the scandal-plagued supervisor a chance to sit down and tell her story. Lockyer acknowledged crafting parts of Wednesday's email but said "everything in regards to my husband was all added.''

When asked what she meant, she explained: "I drafted part of it, but it sounds like he's hacked into prior emails,'' she said referring to Chikhani. "He's acting like he's me.''

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