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One-time SF tech guru Halsey Minor is state’s biggest tax delinquent

Monday, April 16, 2012

imageThe one-time San Francisco tech wunderkind, whose financial woes have been well-chronicled, is back in the news in a dubious way: He and wife Shannon top California’s latest list of income-tax delinquents, published just in time for filing deadline. The CNet founder and early investor in and his wife owe the state $10.5 million.

Add: You can view the complete list. Among the notable names: former Playboy model and “Baywatch” actress Pamela Anderson, and “Girls Gone Wild” producer Joe Francis. After Halsey and his wife, the next biggest Bay Area delinquent is Dr. Baldomero DeLeon Jr. of Walnut Creek, former president of Muir/Diablo Medical Group. He owes the state $4 million.
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