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Op-ed blasts initiative to keep newspaper afloat

Monday, April 9, 2012

The Daily Californian, the venerable independent newspaper of record for imageUC Berkeley, is at a crossroads financially, and hopes to avoid further downsizing by tapping into student fees if a campus initiative passes. But it’s getting pushback from some unexpected places. An op-ed in the newspaper today by Berkeley Poetry Review business manager (and former Daily Cal employee) David King and CalTV co-executive director Myles Moscato opposes the idea on principle. An excerpt:
Students might find that The Daily Californian, like many of the other high-quality publications at Cal, deserves their monetary support. In that case, they are free to donate whatever amount of money they wish to the newspaper. But passing a referendum that demands all students financially support an entity they may not be interested in, or benefit from — especially an entity that touts its “independence” from the UC administration — is straightforwardly wrong.

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