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Quan shifts gears in Oakland crime-fighting effort

Tuesday, April 24, 2012

imageDid Mayor Jean Quan’s “100-block plan” to fight Oakland crime just become 78 blocks? Oakland police are now saying they will reduce the number of cops assigned to the high-crime initiative and redeploy them, the Chronicle’s Matthai Kuruvila says. They aren’t saying how many. Which isn’t surprising, inasmuch as neither Police Chief Howard Jordan nor the mayor have ever publicly identified the 100 blocks.

Add: A couple of things have happened in the six months since the mysterious crime-fighting initiative took effect. Overall, serious crimes are up 21 percent in Oakland from this time last year. And folks in the affluent Oakland hills have screamed bloody murder about an increase in crime in their neighborhoods. As part of the shift, 22 community police patrols in those areas that were yanked as part of the 100-block redeployment are returning to their beats.
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