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San Francisco’s real queen of the ‘drag queens’

Monday, April 30, 2012

Monique Jenkinson, aka Fauxnique, is a San Francisco drag queen like no other—a woman, who’s married to a man, although she declines to say whether she’s gay or straight. Lauren Smiley, who catches up with her for San Francisco magazine, sums it up, partly at least, this way:
  Let’s deconstruct this for a moment: a woman who performs the art of a man pretending to be an over-the-top woman. A “faux queen,” in drag vernacular. It’s somewhat akin to an African American doing blackface, reclaiming the ironic identity and bringing a boomeranging perspective to the impersonation. And Jenkinson happens to be great at it.
Photo: That’s Jenkinson, out of drag, from her website.
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