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USC fleshes out its classical signal in the South Bay

Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Classical music lovers in the South Bay should be getting some relief soon. The University of Southern California is buying Spanish-language San Jose FM station KCNL 104.9 for $7.5 million and will convert it as part of its Classical Public Radio Network, says.

Add: The move will help along the signal in the South Bay for those having trouble with the two frequencies CPRN picked up early last year, former country station KNDL 89.9 FM and KUSF 90.3, the former University of San Francisco station. The latter acquisition caused a ruckus on the USF campus. If you recall, the shuffle was part of a complex switch that saw KDFC come under the USC umbrella and move from its longtime 102.1 on the FM dial. For those with call letter overload, Current has a backgrounder.

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