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Warriors stumble toward bottom—not intentionally of course (wink)

Friday, April 13, 2012

imageThe Warriors announced two “possible season-ending injuries” today: David Lee has groin pain; Richard Jefferson has a swollen right knee. Plenty of fans will define it as another increment in what by all appearances looks like strategic tanking since the Monta Ellis trade, in order to finish in the bottom 7 and protect the team’s first-round draft pick.

Add: As it stands now, the Warriors lineup in L. A. tomorrow against the Clippers will include: rookies Charles Jenkins, Klay Thompson and Jeremy Tyler and maybe a fourth rookie, Mickell Gladness. GM Larry Riley tells the Chron’s Rusty Simmons: "I know the negative thinkers will think that way [that it’s a tank job]. As long as we're doing the right thing by the players, that's the main issue."
Wink, wink.
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