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What did Bill Lockyer know and when did he know it?

Monday, April 23, 2012

imageNow the scrutiny turns toward the member of the Lockyer family still in public office. Among the stunners offered by Nadia Lockyer as part of her tortured resignation as an Alameda County supervisor last Friday was the assertion that hubby and state Treasurer Bill Lockyer did indeed buy her drugs in times past. Today, Bill’s spokesman, Tom Dresslar, angrily rebutted Nadia on Bill’s behalf. Capitol Alert quotes him as saying: "The allegation that Bill Lockyer provided her drugs was B.S. when we didn't know who said it, and it's still B.S."

Add: Think maybe Bill’s got some explaining to do? Nadia also disclosed for the first time in her instant-classic resignation interview with the Mercury News that she sought drug treatment in June, 2010, after she’d already become a lock for the November run-off. That was also after Bill forked over roughly a million dollars of the $1.5 million his campaign kicked in to get his wife elected. With that in view, a Mercury News editorial is saying it’s time for Bill Lockyer, and not his spokesman, to answer the tough questions head-on.
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